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 Post subject: Action plans
PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 1:33 pm 
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I think everyone that has gone through the workshop has different aspects that were extremely important to their recovery, cool jon gives us so many to choose from. I have noticed he says at least five times on different skills, that this is the one, more than anything else that is worth mastering to get free from addiction:).

Anyway action plans are my favorite. I use them in time of crisis, instability, lack of focus, complacency, when I want to get out of my comfort zone, go to the next level of personal development, regain focus for the week, shine the light on a weak area, make a value more real, practical.

This is from the lesson on goals but equally applicable to action plans. Many of the threads I am reading could benefit from moving away from the general, "I want a good relationship with my wife, I want to be healthy, i don't want to hate myself anymore, ect."

This also can be used when writing our monitoring systems.

Goals can help provide the positive motivation we want to find for recovery, start moving away from the external, consequence driven thinking to a more proactive, empowered perspective.

There are certain things to know about setting goals. Apologies ahead of time for those who already know this:

I. A goal must be specific. Selecting goals that are too general will not provide the guidance that is so valuable in recovery. "I want to have a healthy marriage." is an example of a general goal. A more specific goal would be, "I want to be faithful to my wife for the next twelve months."

II. A goal needs to be measurable. You must be able to tell when a goal has been achieved. A poor example: "I want to do what it takes to feel better about myself." A good example: "I will meditate for fifteen minutes each morning." The second example can easily be measured.

III. A goal should be stated in a positive way. It is a fact that you are more likely to succeed in reaching a goal when it is positive, then when it is negative. For the most part, goals that have "I will not..." or "...have no..." are negative goals. They focus on your avoiding or "not doing" something. In almost all cases, these goals can be easily restated into the positive. Example: "I will not cheat on my husband." can be changed to "I will remain faithful to my husband." Same meaning, but one is positively stated, the other negatively stated.

IV. All long-term goals should be important to you. You will be the one faced with achieving these goals, and to set goals that you really aren't interested in will be to guarantee your failure. Recovery is a good example. Many people set the goal of recovering from their addictions, but have no real desire to recover. They are happy with the chaos and lack of responsibility that such a life brings with it.

V. A goal should be consistent with your values. Having a long-term goal of running a marathon — when you can't stand to exercise — is to again, guarantee failure.

So for example, surprisingly one of my highest prioritized values, now that I am getting to know myself, is being outside. I think straight, lose the small I of my ego, regain balance and perspective when I am outside. (We do get to the point that all this work begins to pay off when we get stabilized enough to begin to discover what really brings joy and peace a feeling of serenity and pride, not just doing what is expected of us:)

So long term goal walk the Application Trail (mini vision) One that helps provide positive motivation and structure to my life. When I am making decisions I can run it through this goal. Does it align with what I am trying to achieve?

Technically monitoring but whatever works for us to provide vision, structure and can look back and see if we are progressing. I now have it ingrained to envision my next week on Sunday's. Designing, planning it to provide maximum positive stimulation, living a value (things I care about) life. I write these things in my planner. I used to have to write my values as I would forget them. Now I can do it in my head. None of this takes much time once it clicks, all these individual skills, roll into one, eventually!

So this week
Did I drink eight glasses of water?
Did I eat more natural food than last week?
Did I go to yoga three times a week?
Did I read about people's experience, tips.
Did I start looking for what I would need?

This helps get us through the yucky hard work we need to do to get on the trail!

Wishing you all a health based week.

"When everything else is stripped away the essential is reveled." B.K.S. Iyengar

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