The Couple's Workshop

This free, progressive workshop was developed as a self-help guide for couples working through the discovery of a sexual addiction within their marriage/relationship. It offers everything you will need to know to make the transition from the trauma of that discovery to rebuilding a healthy, intimate partnership. If you have not done so already, please refer to the ' Getting Started' page for Couple's Healing.

Stage One: Beginning Couples' Recovery/Healing
Overview of the Couple's Healing Path
Introduction to Couple's Healing
Healing Contracts
The Partnership Contract
Establishing Meaningful Communication
Identifying Common Obstacles
Understanding the Person in Recovery (partners only)
Understanding Your Partner's Needs (partners only)
Understanding the Partner in Healing (recovery only)
Understanding Your Partner's Needs (recovery only)
Rebuilding Trust — First Steps
Embracing the Relationship's Change
Stage Two: Individual Recovery & Healing
The Individual Recovery Path
The Individual Healing Path
The Ceremony
Stage Three: Building a Partnership (Currently Unavailable)
Healing as Partners
The Intimacy Workshop
Individuality and the Soul
Developing Empathy
Developing Compassion
Embracing Equality
Embracing Partnership
Embracing Intimacy
Sharing Joy
Stage Four: Fundamental Partnership Skills (Currently Unavailable)
Taking Personal Inventory
Establishing a Shared Vision
Defining Shared Values
Establishing Cumulative Boundaries
Enforcing Cumulative Boundaries
Establishing Shared Goals
Identifying Current Destructive Communication Rituals
Managing Current Destructive Communication Rituals
Managing Urges Together
Managing Slips Together
Managing Boundary Violations
Managing Behavioral Regression/Relapse
Health Monitoring for Couples
Stage Five: Complex Partnership Skills (Currently Unavailable)
Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution
Advanced Conflict Resolution
Managing Historical Trauma
Managing Relapse in Late Recovery/Post-Recovery
Showing Mercy
Offering Forgiveness
Stage Six: Rebuilding Sexual Health (Currently Unavailable)
Defining Healthy Sexuality
Repairing Damaged Sexual Values/Sexual Identities
Anticipating Obstacles in Rebuilding Sexual Health
Managing Sexual Trauma, Sexual Anxiety & Sexual Apathy
Defining Shared Sexual Values
Defining Shared Sexual Boundaries
Managing Sexual Conflict
Rebuilding Sexual Intimacy
Rebuilding Passion
Rebuilding Sexual Desire and Intimacy
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