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Lesson 3 My Values
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Author:  sappakkarra [ Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:48 am ]
Post subject:  Lesson 3 My Values

I live with integrity, i am the same person internally as well as externally
I have compassion for others
I am a christian (U)
I pray and read my bible every morning (P)
I am active in my church (P)
I educate myself regarding my faith using books etc. (P)
I am a good father (U)
I provide form y children (P)
I educate my children regarding life skills (P)
I make an effort to know my children and have them know me (P)
I protect my children (P)
I work hard tob e able to leave them an inherritance (P)
I value music (U)
I study my instruments (P)
I listen to lots of music (P)
I go to concerts and festivals as much as I can (P)
I write songs (P)
I actively seek to discover new music (P)
I make music with others (P)
I value Knowledge (U)
I read books (P)
I travel to explore new cities and cultires (P)
I visit museums (P)
I watch documentary’s (P)
I engage in meaningful discussions with others (P)
I study art (P)
I pass my knowledge on to others (P)
I value helping others (U)
I volunteer as much as possible (P)
I value being fit (U)
I excersise 4 times a weak (P)
I educate myself on nutrition (P)
I eat healthy (P)
I value nature (U)
I spend time outdoord (P)
I ride my bike through the country (P)
I take my boat out a lot (P)
I care about the environment (U)
I educate myself on climate change (P)
I recycle (P)
I use less energy and water (P)
I consume less (P)
I use public transportation whenever possible (P)
I value social justice (U)
I donate to organisations that promote social justice (P)
My volunteer work is focussed on social justice (P)
I value a deep and intimate relationship with one woman (U)
I make an effort to spend quality time with her every day (P)
I am interested in what makes her unique (P)
I add value to her life (P)
I support her goals and ambitions (P)
Our life is a healthy mix of both our values and interests (P)
I am intimate with her bothe physically, emotionally and mentaly (P)
I speak positively of her to others (P)
I show her all of who I a mand hold nothing back (P)
I improve myself tob e a better husband every day (P)
I strehnthen my role as a brother to my sister (U)
I make an effort to spend time with her (P)
I call her often to see how she is doing (P)
I provide my best to my employer (U)
I am punctual when it comes to work (P)
I give a full 8 hours every day (P)
I better my skills through learning (P)
I take the initiative to improve the company (P)
I am self diciplined

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