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Author:  Togetbetter [ Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Togetbetter Recovery Thread

Lesson 1
A) 1) Actively committing yourself(myself) to change.
I want this change so that I can have a life free of lies and deception. To be open and honest with my wife and support her and listen to her wants and desires. A life not closed off from her or the reality of life. A life where my wants and desires are no longer at the front of the line. To be a better father to my kids and to be able to show them how a father should be.

2) Not allowing guilt/shame(embarrassment) to sabotage your(my) commitment to change.
This is a tough one for me because I have told myself "I have done so much to cause hurt and pain to others and have exposed my wife to high risk people as I am now that I can't fix it or make up for what I have done, so why try. I do have guilt and shame because of what I have done, but for me I have used the embarrassment of what I have done to stop myself from looking at and taking responsibility for my choice's, because I know that I have made destructive choice's.

B) Motivation to change.
1) I want to be proud of myself and be the good man I know is lost inside.
2) I want to be honest with my wife
3) I want to be the man my wife needs me to be sorry her.
4) I want my wife to be proud of me.
5) I want to be a father to my children.
6) I want my children to be proud of their father.
7) I want to be a positive influence on those around me.
8) I want to be a better listener.
9) I want to live a life without being afraid.
10) I want to live a live where I say I am going to do something and follow it through to the end.
11) I want to grow and learn something new everyday.
12) I want to live without embarrassment.
13) I want to be a better so.
14) I want to be a better brother.
15) I want to be a better friend.
16) I want to look forward to every day.
17) I want to always take in the beauty of family, friends and nature around me.
18) I want to always see people for who they are
19) I want to be happy

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