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krypton Self Help Recovery Lesson 1
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Author:  krypton [ Fri Jan 22, 2021 4:47 pm ]
Post subject:  krypton Self Help Recovery Lesson 1

I commit myself to change no matter how difficult the journey.
I will put guilt and shame aside and not let it sabotage my commitment to change.
I am committed to allowing myself whatever time is necessary to change.

1) I want to get in shape
2) I want to develop my artistic ability
3) I want to create stronger relationships with friends
4) I want to make new friends
5) I want to find a woman and create a long term relationship
6) I want to fall in love
7) I want to spend more time outside walking/hiking
8) I want to spend time skiing
9) I want to spend time playing tennis or golf
10) I want to feel better mentally
11) I want to learn to like myself better as a person
12) I want to be positive and live life in the moment
13) I want to think in terms of success and not relive failures
14) I want to create good habits
15) I want to learn to cook
16) I want to continue to meditate and to become better at meditation
17) I want to plan for a positive future but I don’t want to daydream too much, but live in the moment (I believe if you have good healthy habits the future will take care of itself).

In the picture I chose of myself, I was being held on the leg of my Dad. My father has since passed away, but he was the most honorable man I’ve ever known and I felt very safe with him. We were at the beach and I can see the innocence and happiness in the boy’s eyes. I would like to find that boy’s innocence and happiness again within me.

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