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PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 9:15 pm 

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My discovery day was last September, after 6 years of marriage. Something had just been "off" for a while and I finally had access to my husband's iPad. I found 5 images of child pornography, and could look no more. I was instantly nauseated, the room started spinning and I had a breakdown. I'm not talking about teens, I'm talking about little girls. Like all 12 and under, some as young as 6. I regret that I didn't just immediately anonymously turn him into the police. Instead, I called his father (whom I am close to) and told him. He was shocked too.

Family meetings ensued, and plans were made for him to go to "rehab". 8 weeks and $45,000!! During his time in rehab I went into full on spy mode. I found everything, so much more. He admitted to being addicted to child pornography for 20+ years, but that he also had an attraction to women over 18. His "rehab" was an absolute joke. He made little effort, and his therapists told me through our weekly meetings that they were disappointed with his "progress" and recommended another 8 weeks at another facility. I was livid. I found over 2,000 images of more illegal material, confronted him, and his family. He also admitted to cheating on me the same month I conceived our daughter. In total, he has spent around $25,000 in 4 years on his "sex addiction" through strippers, online porn, chat sites, etc. This isn't counting the 45K we spent on his "rehab."

After rehab I told him I wasn't comfortable with him coming back home. He found a place to stay and 3 days after coming back from rehab he went out and purchased a computer, and accessed more illegal images. He then destroyed the computer. It just goes on and on. Each week I find something new. A new cell phone, him being secretive, etc. He then attempts to destroy the evidence. I told him he's going to get caught one day.

I have two very young children. One is a girl, and he swears he would never do anything to his own children and has never "made contact" with a child, but I find that hard to believe. He's a master manipulator, and he's now actually seeing a "sex offender therapist" even though he's not "court ordered." He is supposed to take a sexual history polygraph and I think others every 3 months to "keep him accountable." I don't see the progress, or the change. He's supposed to stop obsessively masturbating for 90 days. He can't even make it a week.

I've chosen to file for divorce and move on. I have to protect my children at all costs. Does anyone else have a similar story? Every day I wake up and think that I should have just turned him in, but his family has begged me not to, and now, I don't have any evidence and am scared for him retaliating and hurting me, my family, or our children. I am lost, and each day that goes on there is no relief.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2021 1:20 pm 

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