Getting Started in a Health-Based Recovery

The following is a step-by-step path for getting started in a Health-Based Recovery.

Step One: Choose a Recovery Path

One of the first decisions you will make in a health-based recovery is whether you will be attempting this year-long recovery process by yourself or with professional help. Each option can lead you to health — though some come with greater risk. Take a minute to explore the differences:

Self-Help Path (Free)

All of the tools you will need to successfully navigate your recovery from addiction to health are here — free. In a self-help recovery, you gain access to all of the workshop lessons as well as access to the community forums for feedback and questions. This path requires that you have adequate organizational and time management skills. It may be free, but this is a comprehensive workshop that requires a significant investment of your time and energy.

  • Comprehensive Recovery Workshop
  • Recovery Forum (for community-based feedback)
  • Recovery Checklist
  • Recovery Manager

Self-Help Path — Audio Coaching Series, Live Coaching & Prioritized Coaching Response

For those who are taking the self-help path but would like more advanced coaching and personal guidance. You gain access to all 8 Audio Coaching Sessions in addition to receiving personalized feedback to your workshop lesson responses.

Professional Coaching Path — Comprehensive

For those that want to work with a Private Coach. In addition to gaining full access to the workshop lessons and community forums, you also gain private access to a restricted forum for more personalized attention in your lesson responses. Additionally, you gain access to the following recovery tools:
  • Comprehensive Screening and Assessment
  • Comprehensive Recovery Workshop
  • Recovery Forum (for community-based feedback)
  • Private Forum (for personalized development/feedback)
  • Recovery Checklist
  • Recovery Manager
  • Health Monitoring
  • Audio Coaching Series
  • Crisis Management Coaching

This is the path for those who have committed themselves to a full recovery and would benefit from having that transition structured and monitored. Comprehensive coaching involves working directly with a coach.

Step Two: Register for Your Path

If you are choosing the Self-Help Path:
You can start the Recovery Workshop straight away by clicking here. Everything along the self-help path is completely free. It is our mission to provide the resources for ANYONE wanting to end their addiction, the tools to do so. We will never charge for access to our workshops.

If you are choosing the Self-Help Path w/Audio Coaching and Prioritized Lesson Responses or a Professional Coaching Path, then click here.

About the Recovery Tools

The following is a brief description of the tools you have available and how they work together to form a cohesive strategy for making a permanent transition to health.
  • My Recovery Checklist

    A database-driven online checklist that allows you to track your progress throughout recovery — from addiction to health. Updated to model the new recovery workshop, it provides those who are unable to timely complete all lessons/tasks the ability to ensure that all lessons/tasks are eventually completed. A must in a health-based recovery.
  • My Recovery Manager

    A database-driven online application that allows you to manage many of the critical tasks involved in transitioning from addiction to health. Here you will keep an evolving account of your current values, goals, action plans, insights, health monitoring, etc.
  • The Recovery Workshop

    A self-guided workshop with over 70 lessons that will provide you with the insights necessary for a complete transition to health. This workshop involves life skill development, addiction awareness, emotional mastery and more.
  • Recovery Forum

    A community-based support forum to assist you in overcoming obstacles, reinforcing your efforts and/or refining your approach to building a healthy life in the wake of addiction.
  • Sexual Addiction Screening and Assessment

    A comprehensive screening and assessment process that is used in personal coaching to help define recovery goals, skill deficits, value deficits and more.
  • Health Monitoring

    An evolution of the skills learned in the workshop, health monitoring is used to assist you in generating temporary focus and awareness when needed; and to combat complacency and relapse on an ongoing basis.
  • He Danced Alone: Inside the Heart and Mind of the Sex/Love Addict

    The autobiography of Jonathan Marsh, written to educate those with little experience in the sex/love addictions as to just how severe these patterns can become; and for those with severe addictions to the reality that no one is beyond help. That what they are experiencing is a logical pattern (involving illogical behavior), it is not a fate.
  • Post-Recovery Monitoring/Training Series

    This is a timed series of optional advanced lessons, exercises and skill development training will continue monthly for two years beyond the completion of the Recovery Workshop. This series is to ensure that what you have learned evolves into a natural, sustainable life management strategy.
  • Community/Group Support

    In the public forums you'll receive support from Coaches, Mentors and people both currently working through and who have completed the recovery workshop.
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