Recovery Workshop: Extra

The following are common values that people might use to rebuild their life. Your goal is not to embrace these values because they sound good, but to really look at who you are and adopt those that you want to become a part of you.

Examples of Commonly Pursued Values

  1. Living with integrity
  2. Living with compassion
  3. Sharing my true self with the world around me
  4. Strengthening my role as a partner to (add partner’s name here)
  5. Strengthening my role as a son/daughter
  6. Strengthening my role as a brother to (add your siblings name here)
  7. Strengthening my role as a (add relationship here) to (add person/group here)
  8. Strengthening my role as a close friend to (add friend’s name here)
  9. Strengthening my role as a coworker
  10. Being an inspiration to others
  11. Being dedicated
  12. Showing appreciation towards other
  13. Being tenacious in my pursuit of (add pursuit)
  14. Being charitable, giving
  15. Developing intellectual depth
  16. Expressing spirituality in my day-to-day life
  17. Enhancing my spiritual awareness
  18. Integrating religion into my day-to-day life
  19. Bringing joy to others
  20. Providing quality in my work
  21. Establishing competence in my field
  22. Being respected as a professional by others
  23. Being playful
  24. Staying active
  25. Being dependable
  26. Being reliable
  27. Working as part of a team
  28. Honesty
  29. Humbleness
  30. Sense of humor
  31. Sense of responsibility
  32. Being considerate of others
  33. Being considerate of myself
  34. Putting other’s needs before my own
  35. Taking care of myself
  36. Being a role model for my family
  37. Being a role model for others
  38. Living an exciting life
  39. Living an adventurous life
  40. Loving others
  41. Being loved by others
  42. Being challenged; overcoming challenges
  43. Competition
  44. Developing emotional maturity
  45. Risk-taking (danger)
  46. Pursuing a career change
  47. Creativity
  48. Striving for excellence
  49. Establishing financial freedom
  50. Experiencing fatherhood
  51. Adopting a child
  52. Establishing a partnership w/someone
  53. Overcoming/surviving personal struggles
  54. Physical health
  55. Physical beauty
  56. Being a teacher/mentor
  57. Physical pleasure
  58. Sexual intimacy
  59. Sexual contact
  60. Experiencing euphoria
  61. Feeling sexually desired
  62. Feeling appreciated
  63. Feeling masculine
  64. Feeling feminine
  65. Feeling empowered
  66. Passionate about life
  67. Being recognized as an expert in my field
  68. World-wide recognition
  69. Developing sustained friendships
  70. Encouraging my wife's independence
  71. Being validated by others
  72. Being respected
  73. Being judged trustworthy
  74. Feeling unconditional love
  75. Indulging in creative inspiration, development
  76. Developing patience
  77. Living a humble life
  78. Sharing my true self with the world around me
  79. Nurturing children’s creativity/maturation
  80. Developing superficial friendships
  81. Being known as reliable
  82. Wisdom
  83. Connected to my own feelings
  84. Being identified by others as charming and warm
  85. Being a survivor
  86. Companionship
  87. Resourcefulness
  88. Appreciating natural beauty/nature
  89. Integrity
  90. Connecting to purpose, meaning of life
  91. Establishing my legacy
  92. Organization
  93. Instilling healthy values in my kids
  94. Teaching appreciation for music, art, film
  95. Adaptability
  96. Financial stability
  97. Personal independence
  98. Feeling needed, desired, loved by others
  99. Power
  100. Control
  101. Experiencing uniqueness
  102. Curiosity
  103. Experiencing the forbidden
  104. Avoiding conflict
  105. Improving my social interactions
  106. Being a leader
  107. Vulnerability
  108. Sacrificing for others
  109. Fidelity
  110. Walking the same path as equals
  111. Sexual intimacy
  112. Physical attraction/Beauty
  113. Masculinity
  114. Building things
  115. Intellectual growth, debate, communication
  116. Communicating feelings
  117. Experienced in conflict resolution
  118. Taking care of others in need
  119. Feeling happy and content
  120. Pressure to accomplish
  121. Accepting responsibility for living my life
  122. Be known as truthful and honest
  123. Sense of accomplishment
  124. Feeling challenged
  125. Friendship
  126. Forgiveness
  127. Realistic
  128. Personal growth, development
  129. Selflessness/Altruism
  130. Respecting Mother Earth
  131. Open-minded to the beliefs and values of others, tolerance
  132. Self-discipline
  133. Raising a healthy child
  134. Guiding, teaching, role modeling for my children

Another wonderful resource for exploring your values is a website called Humanity Quest. Feel free to search there for additional examples. And, to return there as needed for assistance with value development.

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